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Does Your Hobby Need Insurance? Part 1

Your hobby may significantly affect your insurance needs. Hobbies often require a large investment in tangible property and may even create some legal responsibility to other persons or their property. Hobbyists: Collectors or Enthusiasts Hobbies typically involve either collectors or enthusiasts. A collector acquires property that especially attracts him or her. Examples include people who […]

Flooding, Again

Natural catastrophes are events that occur on a massive scale and are beyond the ability of private insurers to properly  handle, such as the recent Hurricane Harvey. The flooding with Harvey was catastrophic. While flooding can affect a single home, floods tend to occur on a large scale, often causing substantial damages to dozens, hundreds or even […]

Being Prepared with a Personal Emergency Plan

Watching the news these days can be a stressful endeavor. Between natural disasters and the threat of man-made disasters such as war, being prepared takes on a new meaning.  And if you pay attention to the headlines after natural disasters, you’ll typically notice reports of persons stumbling around, seeking aid and at a lost for […]

Do you owe more on your car than it’s worth?

Currently, car loans may last as long as four to six years and leases are becoming more expensive. Whether your vehicle is a coupe, sedan, van, sports utility vehicle, hybrid, or truck, your vehicle’s value will depreciate very quickly. A rapid loss of actual value accompanied by a longer loan obligation spells trouble. It isn’t […]

Farm and Ranch Coverage is Unique

Farms and ranches here in central Kansas differ from other business operations since, at least with small to medium operations, the owner both conducts his business and lives with his entire family on the same premises. Therefore, a farm or ranch has a combination of commercial and personal loss exposures that must be properly insured. […]

Do You Have the Correct Coverage for Your Business Automobiles?

Many businesses are exposed to the financial consequences of their ownership, use or maintenance of vehicles used in their operations. Most coverage needs can be handled by a business auto policy (BAP) or similar form which cover operations such as: Product or food delivery Transporting business products to wholesalers or retailers Retail product delivery to […]

Insurance Perils- Part 3

This is part three of a three-part discussion on different causes of loss. Call us today at Smart Insurance to make sure you have the best service and best coverage in Central Kansas. Vandalism and Malicious Mischief–Vandalism and malicious mischief are generally cited as a single peril meaning willful or malicious physical injury to or […]

Insurance Perils- Part 2

This is part two of a three-part discussion on different causes of loss. Hail–Hail damage is just that: damage caused by the direct action of hail to insured property. As with windstorm, the hail or some other covered peril must cause damage to the outside of the insured dwelling allowing hail to enter the premises […]