Commercial property insurance helps protect your business in the event of loss or damage to your business location and its contents. This type of insurance also insures against loss or damage to contents under your control, such as merchandise.

If you rent or lease a location for your business, or if you travel to other physical locations, the property owner will require you to carry commercial property insurance as part of your contract.

When selecting a commercial insurance policy, you can select from broad form or single or specific peril.

A broad form policy identifies many different kinds of disasters, and covers against loss from all causes identified in the policy.

A single or specific peril policy protects you from loss only from the specified peril. Often, this is a separate fire policy, but also can be perils like terrorism.

If you have a small business, you may want to select a broad form property insurance policy as part of a business owners policy. Some businesses, such as those with specific risks or unusually high risks, may not be eligible for a business owners policy and need to look into specific peril policies.

If you have questions, our experienced insurance professionals can help point you in the right direction. We can help assess your commercial property insurance needs and select the most appropriate coverage for your needs.