For many of us, automobiles are our primary mode of transportation. Owning an auto is a significant investment, so it’s important to protect it. Just like your car needs fuel to travel, you also need automobile insurance to protect you against financial loss if you have an accident or your vehicle is damaged.

Not only does the Department of Motor Vehicles require you to take on any financial responsibility for owning or operating a car in the United States, but auto insurance protects you if you cause property damage or bodily injury to someone else when driving your car. Driving without insurance is subject to significant penalties.

Liability coverage is required in all states and is the minimum insurance you must carry. This helps cover your financial responsibility to pay for damages due to an accident or loss, such as medical expenses and repairs to the other person’s vehicle.

Comprehensive collision helps cover losses on your vehicle due to fire, theft or other losses that are not the result of a collision. The terms of this coverage will be stated in your policy.

Other coverages also are available such as emergency roadside service and gap insurance. Our experienced auto insurance professionals will answer any questions you might have and help you select the coverage amount and deductible that best fits your needs.