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Business Insurance

from Smart Insurance

Business Insurance

If you are a business owner, your company is sure to be one of your greatest assets, like your home, and it’s probably something you’ve worked a long time to build. Don’t risk losing the investment of time and money by not having the right business insurance.

Business insurance can protect your workplace from a number of threats. You won’t have to worry about closing your doors or having your personal assets attacked in the event of an unexpected disaster or lawsuit.

Whether you’re a young startup or an established enterprise in the Abilene, Kansas area, Smart Insurance has an array of business insurance products that you can purchase in any combination for your unique needs.

Commercial Property Insurance

This covers your business premises for theft, vandalism, fire, and most natural disasters. The contents of any buildings are also covered, such as inventory, equipment, and electronics.

Commercial Liability Insurance

This protects your business if there is an injury or accident on your premises, including to visitors, who could win a legal judgment against your business.

General Liability Insurance

This type of business insurance covers lawsuits over things like errors and omissions, wrongful termination, discrimination, and directors and officers.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This is added liability coverage, similar to what you can purchase to supplement a homeowner policy as an individual. We often recommend this for higher asset levels or businesses with greater inherent risk.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto coverage protects any vehicles you use for your business, similar to a personal auto policy. It can also cover rental vehicles or the use of personal vehicles for business purposes.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation covers you and employees should a worker have an accident or injury on the job. It can provide legal protection for you, as well as employee medical expenses, lost wages, disability, or rehabilitation.


Most commonly used in construction and the trades, bonds protect your business when someone you work with fails to live up to a promise or complete a project. There are bonds available for nearly every type of business that works with the public.

Cyber Liability Insurance

A cyber breach can leave your business vulnerable to legal action and loss of reputation. This type of insurance protects you from both internal and customer data breaches involving payroll, credit card transactions, and other similar day-to-day online activity.

Inland Marine Insurance

This coverage is essential if your business transports valuable cargo or inventory, including your own equipment. It’s widely used by everyone from furniture companies to art galleries.

Earthquake and Flood Insurance

Most other policies don’t protect your business in the event of an earthquake or flood. This extra coverage protects you in the event of these surprisingly common natural disasters.

To learn more about how the appropriate business insurance can protect your business, get in touch online for a quote, or call us at 800-249-1920. We pride ourselves on our ability to educate a client on what each insurance product covers and to assist them in finding the policy they desire to operate without worry.