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Umbrella Insurance

from Smart Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance

If you have a homeowner or renters insurance policy, you may think you have adequate liability coverage. However, many people enjoy the additional layer of liability coverage provided by a personal umbrella policy.

The additional coverage that personal umbrella insurance gives is ideal if you have a lot of people in and out of your home, where an accident like a fall could occur. It’s recommended for dog owners, in case their dog bites someone. If you rent your property, your regular coverage may not be enough either. When you don’t have enough liability coverage, if someone wins a legal judgment against you, your personal assets or earnings may be taken to pay for damages.

To find out if your current insurance policy provides sufficient liability coverage for your unique situation, reach out to Smart Insurance today. We can help you decide if a personal umbrella policy is a smart purchase. It’s our job to educate all of our clients about the insurance we offer as independent agents for our neighbors in the Abilene, Kansas community.

Don’t wait for a disaster to occur to discover the extra coverage would have been worth it. Give us a call at 800-249-1920 or get in touch online to request a quote for personal umbrella insurance.